Show your love of Canada this holiday weekend with our Heart Canada home screen theme



 I Heart Canada

There’s a lot to love about Canada. You’ve got good healthcare — and with all that poutine and you’ve got all that maple syrup, you certainly need it — you’re going to have nationwide cannabis legalization this October, you’ve got Justin Trudeau, and the biggest chance of a riot in Canada seems to be a hockey match. If it weren’t for those winters and how much more expensive technological gadgetry seems to be up there, I’d be all over it!

It’s a lovely country full of lovely people and lovely locales, so doesn’t it deserve a lovely home screen theme to celebrate Canada Day? Last year we made two glorious Canada Day Themes for the occasion, but this year, we’ve used KWGT to take our Heart Canada theme to the next level!

Canada is awesome

Today’s theme has been assembled in Smart Launcher 5 to take advantage of the Icon Pack Studio integration and the gridless widget-placement system, but it can be easily applied to most customizable launchers like Nova Launcher and Action Launcher.

Applying a breathtaking Canada wallpaper

Canada Circle Icons in Icon Pack Studio

Heart Canada Preset in KWGT

Canada Circle Icons

With your wallpaper picked and applied, it’s time to get our Canada on, and that starts with custom red stencil icons made in Icon Pack Studio. If you’ve never heard of Icon Pack Studio, they’re a nifty little make-your-own icon app that will let you kiss gaps in your app drawer goodbye.

I’ve already built the pack, so all you have to do is import this CanadaCircle Icons Preset and apply it.

Heart Canada Widget

Let’s get down to the main event: the Heart Canada widget. This multi-section Kustom widget — KWGT for short — features an easily glanceable information widget in the top right corner, a Canadian-colored music widget that can work with just about any music app on Android including the YouTube Music service that recently came to Canada, and a bold central Heart Canada logo. The Heart Canada icon itself is a monochromatic vector recreation of the logo from last year’s Canada Heart wallpaper, because I loved that logo but wanted a theme that was higher resolution and usable with other wallpapers.

Get to know KWGT, an essential tool for Android themers and widget lovers

I Heart Canada

Whether your love of Canada stems from its vast natural beauty, vibrantly diverse cities, or its even more diverse people, show your love of Canada proudly on your home screen every day with this theme. And if you have any other themes you’d like for us to tackle, reach out to us in the comments! I learned my way around a vector editor to create this theme, and I’m ready and waiting to build some more themes that can use them!